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Thanks for stopping by.

Hope you enjoyed looking at my photography and found a favourite photo or two!

I've been a keen photographer since an early age, but only really got into my stride when I started doing wildlife photography. I'm not great at taking people shots but seem to be quite good at taking pictures of wildlife in its natural habitat!

I've been lucky to have seen so many animals and birds, and it still gives me a thrill when I get a perfect spot capturing the moment.

I love travelling and exploring new corners of the world. I've been fortunate to see so many places and to meet so many people.

I'm writing this during lockdown and I hope that, when we have some normality back, I'll be able to set off to somewhere new.

During lockdown I've been refreshing my website, and to make the most of the time at home, been going through my back catalogue of photos (and I have quite a few!). I'm re-discovering many images that I had forgotten about, so I'll be continuously refreshing the portfolios on this site.

I am also learning a little bit about Photoshop. Been playing with a watercolour preset and been creating some digital watercolours - click on the image below to see them.

If you would like to get in touch, email me or send me a message on Linked In (links at the top of the page).


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